About the Recommendation to go to HTTPS on Websites

Google would like everyone to be https – secured with an SSL certificate. They’re going to be rolling out versions of Chrome over time where each successive version will be more strict on what it flags as insecure. Chrome is over half the marketshare for browsers.

The link below describes in detail what’s going on. SSL certificates are about $50/yr. Installation is most of the time free by the web host.  There’s a WordPress plugin to help the images and other links within the site go to https so the lock shows up green in the browser. If the lock still isn’t green go thru all the javascript, css and php files to make sure none of the urls are still http rather than https.

There are free ssl certs out there that will work from what I understand, but unless you’re a real do-it-yourselfer geek the $50 is money well spent.