Chuckanut Mountains – Fragrance Lake to Viewpoint

Across the street from Larrabee State Park on Chuckanut just south of Bellingham is the parking lot for this hike. This time I only went to the viewpoint which is 1.1 mi each way… short 1 hour hike (45 or so minutes spent going up, Mt. Young on steroids).  Incredible view.  Another .9 mi each way gets you to Fragrance Lake, a small lake in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

The full Fragrance Lake trip was the first hike I went on, because in an online hiking guide it said “easy” for level of difficulty.  Holy crap, what is “difficult”, your head explodes halfway up?  I’ll be honest, I was the fattest one I saw on that trail, but I see by the comments online many others concurred.  Anyhow it is a strenuous climb to the viewpoint at .9 mi but easier after that.  Worth it both times; I’ll go again to get some pics of Fragrance Lake.

Quick facts stolen from the web:

Fragrance Lake Trail
Larrabee State Park on Chuckanut south of Bellingham
Length:         4 total miles
Elevation Gain:     900 feet
Trail Type:         Out-and-back
Skill Level:         Moderate for children
Duration:         Day hike
Season:         Year round
Trailhead Elev:     130 feet
Top Elevation:      1,030 feet

This beautiful 2-mile trail through low-elevation old-growth cedars and firs leads upward to a serene woodland lake. The trail, recommended for older children, has a view of boats in Wildcat Cove. Downed nurse logs supporting young hemlocks are common, but children will laugh at the sight of a nurse rock at about 1 mile, with tree roots wrapping the oblong rock like cord around a package. Fragrance Lake is crescent-shaped, has trout and skipping water bugs, and can be circled on a…